Avaya HIP-1 H Top Adapter Cable (61804-03)

Avaya HIP-1 H Top Adapter Cable (61804-03)
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Product Description

Plantronics has discontinued this item and it is no longer available.

Avaya to Plantronics Transition Announcement

Avaya has announced that all Avaya branded headsets will be discontinued and transitioned to the Plantronics Channel Click Here for the Official Announcement .

All Avaya branded headsets manufactured by Plantronics will now carry the Plantronics logo and product name. In addition, the old Avaya Material Codes have been changed to the new Plantronics Product Codes Click Here for Avaya to Plantronics Headset Transition Guide.

The Plantronics branded headsets and handsets designed for Avaya can now be purchased through the Plantronics Authorized Channel. The Headset Team is a Plantronics Authorized Channel Partner as well as a Plantronics Authorized United States General Services Administration (GSA) Channel Partner.
The HIP Adapter Cable for Avaya 61804-03 has been transitioned to HIP Adapter Cable for Avaya 61804-43 Click Here for the HIP Adapter Cable for Avaya 61804-43.

If you would like help in matching your Avaya telephone and Plantronics headset contact one of our headset specialists at 800-847-7068 or Click Here To Contact The Headset Team .

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