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APC Product Support, Warranty and Other Policies

APC Product Support, Warranty and Other Policies

American Power Conversion (APC) Warranty and Support is an officially Registered APC Partner and Value Added Reseller. APC products are backed by comprehensive warranties and policies directly from APC to afford basic peace of mind right out of the box.

Most APC products ship in the United States with a standard two-year comprehensive warranty from APC. Depending on your location or product you may instead have a one- or three-year warranty from APC. For more information, please consult APC product documentation. Please make sure to keep your receipt/order confirmation in case it is required by APC during the In-Warranty period. All return, replacement, repair, exchange, substitution or other requests are to be provided directly by APC according the warranty and other terms and conditions stated by APC for the item(s).

(APC)Standard In-Warranty Services

Customers having difficulty with APC products should attempt to solve those problems through APC’s Technical Support Problem Escalation Process.

1. Look for a solution in APC’s Technical Support Knowledge Base

2. Contact an APC Technical Support Engineer Online

3. Contact an APC Technical Support Engineer via telephone

In-warranty service programs cover problems as defined in the user's manual of installation and operation. For in-warranty service, customers have several options. Please refer to the owner's manual of your product for individual length of warranty.

Who Should Use Standard In-Warranty Service?

All customers who require service during the defined factory warranty period of operation should use in-warranty service.

How Does Standard In-Warranty Service Work?

Defective products may be returned to APC by the customer for replacement or repair during the standard warranty period. Defective products will be replaced or repaired and returned to the customer. Customers who must have original units back rather than replacement units due to assigned asset tags and set depreciation schedules must declare such a need at first contact with APC. It will be APC's standard practice to issue factory reconditioned replacement units in exchange for original units. The warranty on reconditioned units delivered for in-warranty service is 90 days or the remainder of the original warranty period, whichever is longer. Repaired units carry the balance of their original warranty period.

What Are the Benefits of Standard In-Warranty Service?

For problems found within the first 30 days of operation, APC will replace defective units with new units and pay all associated shipping charges. For defects found after 30 days, standard service offers quick turnaround time by sending a replacement unit or, if requested, repairing the customer's original UPS system. For companies with assigned asset tags and set depreciation schedules, getting the original back rather than a replacement may be important. does not allow for refunds or credits for APC products, is not responsible for APC policies, is not responsible for changes to these APC policies or keeping this APC information updated, is not responsible for any shipping costs for return, replacement, repair, exchange, defect, substitution or any other issues. is a Plantronics Authorized Partner and eCommerce Store.