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Plantronics APU-7 EHS Cable 83017-01

Plantronics APU-7 EHS Cable 83017-01
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Product Description


Electronic Hookswitch communicates electronically with the phone, eliminating the need for a HL10 lifter on many phones. Plantronics has several EHS adapters. Each adapter is unique to a specific Telephone application & Wireless product.

APU-7 is designed for Plantronics Wireless CS product such as CS50, CS55, CS70, CS70N, CS351N & CS361N. APU-70 is designed for Plantronics Wireless Savi product such as WO100, WO200, WO300 & WO350.

The EHS adapter for Plantronics CS products is the APU-7 (83017-01).The EHS adapter for Plantronics Savi products is the APU-70(83018-01).

Cisco Notes

Supported Cisco Phones 8961, 9951, 997.

Software Requirements:

  • The Cisco server must be running Cisco CallManager System Version 4.1(3)SR5x or higher.
  • This must be verified by your telephone administrator.
  • The Cisco phone must be running firmware 8.3(3)x or higher.
  • Press the settings button on the phone (Checkbox icon). Select “Model information”. The firmware revision is listed under “Load File”.

  • Phone setup:

    • The phone must be set for “Wireless Headset Hookswitch Control” = Enabled.
    • Press the settings button on the phone (Checkbox Icon). Select “Device Configuration” >> Select “Media Configuration”.
    • If “Wireless Headset Hookswitch Control” is “Disabled”, contact your telephone administrator.

    Nortel Notes

    Supported Nortel Phones 1120E, 1140E, 1150E, 1165E.

    Software Requirements:

    • The latest Nortel firmware 3.1 has enabled USB support on Nortel 1120E and USB and Bluetooth support for 1140E and 1150E.
    • The firmware revision needs to be at least rev 0624C6J (1120E), 0625C6J (1140E), 0627C6J (1150E) and up.
    • REV 9 The USB port has to be enabled on the phone by pressing the services button on the phone twice -> select preferences -> Select headsets -> change headset type to USB -> press Apply softkey.

    • How to check Firmware Version:

      • Press the Services button once.
      • Choose ‘Telephone Options’
      • Choose ‘Set Info’
      • Choose ‘General Info’
      • Scroll down and note FW Version. is a Plantronics Authorized Partner and eCommerce Store.