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Plantronics Warranty Procedures/Policies

Plantronics Warranty Procedures/Policies
The Headset Team is an Authorized Plantronics Partner.

Plantronics World Class warranty support is available to all customers who have purchased their Plantronics headsets from The Headset Team.

Plantronics Warranty Support

For questions about set up or any issues that may arise with your headset call:

  • Plantronics Technical Assistance Center (TAC) at 1 (800) 544-4660 Option 2
  • The Headset Team 800-847-7068 Option 1

Plantronics Warranty Procedures

Plantronics will normally provide you a warranty replacement if it’s within the warranty period and complies with Plantronics warranty terms and policies.

To replace your headset under warranty you need to create an account, register your headsets and then request a replacement.

Click on link below (white box) marked “Plantronics Warranty Support Click Here”. Then click on the SUPPORT tab. The create an account, register your headset and the request a replacement sections will be on the right side of the Support tab. Plantronics may require proof of purchase for any warranty support.

Before requesting a warranty replacement please make sure the headset is indeed broken by calling Technical Assistance 1 (800) 544-4660 Option 2. The problem might be a simple adjustment of the settings, resubscription or other quick and easy step. If they can troubleshoot the issue you do not need to fill out any forms or wait for the replacement. All Warranty requests and issues are supported by Plantronics directly according to Plantronics Warranty Terms and Conditions.

Proof of Purchase Requests

Proof of Purchase Request Immediate Service: When you placed your order with The Headset Team you provided an email address. Your order confirmation was emailed to that address immediately after you placed your order.

The order confirmation email was From: and the Subject: order yhst-24829564266054-XXXX from (with XXXX being your unique order number). Searching your email for this order confirmation will be the fastest way to find your proof of purchase/order confirmation. You can click on the link in the order confirmation email for a color version of your order confirmation.

Proof of Purchase Research Request: If the above method is not available please provide the following information used for the purchase: Date of Purchase, Name (as it appears on the order), Billing Address, Shipping Address, Product Purchased and Amount. Provide this information and Click Here To Contact The Headset Team . is an Authorized Plantronics Partner and implies no warranty beyond the manufacturer’s warranty. is a Plantronics Authorized Partner and eCommerce Store.