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Wireless Headset Conferencing for Healthcare

** Wireless Headset Conferencing for Healthcare**

Healthcare providers require hands free communications to deliver high quality patient care when performing procedures in critical medical environments such as Operating Rooms, Labs and related areas.

The Headset Team has proven experience and has implemented our “Wireless Headset Conferencing for Healthcare” for numerous Healthcare facilities.

The Headset Team created the Wireless Headset Conferencing for Healthcare by customizing wireless headset systems, software and our Wireless Headset Conference Unit (WHCU) to provide crystal clear, reliable audio for up to 8 users. The WHCU4 provides up to 4 party conferences and the WHCU8 provides up to 8 party conferences.

This is a unique and customized solution not offered by any other company! Contact us if you are interested in Wireless Headset Conferencing for Healthcare is a Plantronics Authorized Partner and eCommerce Store.